Hi, Scott Taylor here.  Welcome to the East Mecklenburg Class of 1988 site.  This is the place to find reunion information for East Meck 88.

In order to find out what all is going on, you need to sign in first, just like you did ten years ago on the old site.  It is quick and easy.

See the thing to the right that says "sign up"?  Click on it.  Don't see it?  Then just click right here.

"Signing up" doesn't mean you are committing to coming to the reunion.  It just helps me to know that you have been located, and are aware of reunion information.  As always, I'll keep your information private and secure.

So, get to it, and join us all inside!  Over 200 of us are already here, and we've been waiting for you.  Come chat, see other people's pictures, share your own, and enjoy a lot of other fun things.

If you have any questions, send me an email once you are inside, or call me on my cell phone at 98O-428-4O33.

Best regards,

Scott Taylor