a picture of Niki in cap an gown. Any chance one of you may have access to one? I would greatly appreciate it. Scott Taylor maybe?

Thank you very much
Hello everyone. My name is Michael Johnson in Fort Worth, Texas. You had a classmate, Niki Tucker, who passed away in August of 2018. I have been a friend of hers for a long time. Over the last 8 years I have become kind of the surrogate Father figure since Niki's husband has also passed. Her daughter graduates high school this Sunday. I am working on a project and am desperately cont...
Well... this time last week I was appreciating all my east meck classmates at CJ's lounge. Thanks for coming! Scott and team, thanks so much for all that you did. I rode this week out on good memories from all that was stirred up over this three day social bender. Had a great time!
To the entire team that put this thing together, thank you. I had a ton of fun and enjoyed seeing everybody.
That was Fn great! So good to see everyone. Scott you did it up right man! 100% class all the way! And everyone who helped did a fantastic job! Thanks for everything yall. I will never forget it!!! Love all yall! Special thanks to Harroll (Trey) Canning. I had a blast! Glenn Rothgeb i will see you on facebook my brother!
What a fantastic reunion, Scott you did a phenomenal job! So good to see everyone and the campus again.
Folks, if you don't have your ticket yet, you're not going to be in the program... but you can still come and have a fantastic time! Attendance is a little shy of 225 at the moment.
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Whats up everyone! Can`t wait to see all of you. Fingers are crossed that i do not have to work.
I’m sorry, I’m unable to attend. Hope everyone has a good time
Any fellow Eagles in the RVA area? Just curious...
God willing I will get there either by plane or by greyhound..My nephew who lives with me gave me $100 towards the trip. He knows how much me going to this reunion means to me.
Sooo...I didn’t need a hotel room until tonight. As of tonight, now I do! I know they were trying to extend the reduced rate....was there success? Is that still, “we are trying...” or should I go ahead and book at the Sheraton at their regular (or hotels.com) rate? Anyone got feedback there? ?
Thanks for the call Scott. I didn’t get to graduate with y’all in 88, but loved my time at East. I also know many of these folks from junior high. Hope y’all have a great event. I will be attending a wedding in TN that weekend.
Thanks for the call Scott! Glad to find this site. Now that we live back on the east coast, we may come to the reunion!